Apple’s Lightning to USB cable accessory is typically produced in China but according to the Support Pages document, the Cupertino-based company has begun doing production in Vietnam and Brazil as well. The company’s support webpage was recently updated and is there to help customers know which Lightning cables and adapters are genuine and which ones are knock-offs. Now, Vietnam and Brazil have been added onto their list of countries that officially assemble the accessory.

The website notes the following:

An Apple Lightning to USB cable has "Designed by Apple in California" and either "Assembled in China," "Assembled in Vietnam," or "Indústria Brasileira" on the cable about seven inches from the USB connector.
Previously, Apple’s support page noted that the Lightning to USB cable was “Assembled in China” and “Designed in California.” Now, accepted texts include “Assembled in China”, “Assembled in Vietnam”, or “Indústria Brasileira” on the cable. Note that no accessory or cable manufacturers are mentioned on the accessories, even though Foxconn is known to have facilities in the same countries.

Source: Apple