Despite the announcement going largely under the radar 24 hours ago, media outlets are beginning to pick up on the fact that IBM's Health Cloud and Watson cognitive computing capabilities will now support health data entered by customers in iOS apps using Apple's ResearchKit and HealthKit frameworks.

"The move," IBM confirmed yesterday, "which complements IBM’s new Watson Health business unit, will arm medical researchers with a secure, open data storage solution, as well as access to IBM’s most sophisticated data analytics capabilities."

Mobile devices capture vast amounts of valuable health data from today’s consumers. HealthKit and ResearchKit harness that data so it can be used to improve health and accelerate medical research.
As MMi reported this morning, Apple has also just opened ResearchKit to all developers and researchers, another clear illustration of Apple's desire to expand its footprint in the healthcare technology sector. The same, of course, is also true for IBM.

"With Apple’s groundbreaking ResearchKit, researchers can easily create apps that take advantage of the power of mobile devices to give them rich data from a diverse global population," said Jeff Williams, Apple’s senior vice president of Operations. “Now IBM’s secure cloud and analytics capabilities provide additional tools to help accelerate discoveries across a wide variety of health issues.”

Source: IBM