As expected, Apple appears to have officially pulled its Aperture and iPhoto applications from the Mac App Store on Friday following Wednesday's release of OS X 10.10.3 with its native Photos application for OS X.

Photos for OS X brings a ton of photo sharing, editing, and viewing features that Apple feels make Aperture and iPhoto obsolete software. Photos automates a lot of photo editing processes that Aperture typically had more manual user control over, but has more features than iPhoto ever did.

Aperture, which was normally $79.99, having been replaced with the free Photos application for OS X is music to some people's ears, but those that prefer the more powerful editing features will miss it. For those that have decided to keep Aperture instead of deleting it, Apple has warned that they will no longer be releasing any updates to support the software in the future.

Apple also just updated iTunes yesterday with support for OS X's new Photos application so that iPhoto will no longer be necessary.