A few months ago when Apple was getting ready to open a new retail store in Hangzhou, China, the company made a mural for the new store. Then Apple went ahead and made a beautiful calligraphy mural for its Chongqing store in China a few weeks later. The company even provided a video of an interview on the well-known calligraphy artist and posted it on its website. Now, Apple has announced that they would be creating a mural for its new upcoming Miami store as well. According to the Cupertino-based company,

Miami is one of the most creative places on Earth. A big part of that creativity is expressed through its incredible street art scene. So to announce the upcoming opening of the all new Apple Store at 1021 Lincoln Road, we’re collaborating with internationally acclaimed artist HENSE.
The artist HENSE (real name Alex Brewer), gets his inspiration from both street art and abstract painting. Apple will be inviting consumers to watch HENSE create his art between April 8th and April 12th. If you are interested in art, this would be something great to experience and watch, as he will be doing it live. The new store is located in Miami Beach at 1021 Lincoln Road. Apple noted that the mural will be something that is inspired by Miami’s energy.

Source: Apple