Facebook is continuing its separation of Messenger from the main Facebook experience.

It all started when Facebook removed the Messenger functionality from its main Facebook mobile application and forced mobile users to download a standalone application to use its Messenger service, but Facebook has gone a step further on Wednesday and has launched a separate Web page for Facebook Messenger users to visit, via Messenger.com, where Facebook Messenger users can experience a standalone messenger experience without the clutter of their News Feed.

On the left, you can see all of your open conversations, on the right you can see all of the active Facebook Messenger users that you have on your friends list, while in the center you can see the current conversation that you're active in.

The interface of the Web site resembles the iPad application interface a lot, but with some minor tweaks. It also comes complete with photo-sending capabilities, Sticker-sending capabilities, and Thumbs-up-sending capabilities, as you would expect from Facebook Messenger.

From the Settings button at the top left of the interface, you can enable Desktop notifications, manage your accounts, manage your notifications, and more.

Notably, the Messenger feature still works on the basic Facebook.com Web site. It's unknown if Facebook plans to completely remove it from the site in place of this new Web site at this point in time.

Sources: Facebook