The 2015 PUSH Tech 2020 Summit is set for Wednesday May 6, 2015 in San Francisco, California.

If you're not familiar, this summit is organized and presented by the Rainbow PUSH Coalition. In particular, the event focuses on racial diversity in the tech space, highlighting what can be done to support and encourage greater diversity in this fast-growing industry.

Rainbow PUSH Coalition, if you're not familiar, was founded by Rev. Jesse Jackson, who still presides over the organization.

Joining the famed civil rights icon and a host of other tech, social, and political dignitaries will be an increasingly prominent name from Apple. Lisa Jackson, the chief of Apple's Environmental Initiatives division has just been announced as an event keynote speaker.

For now, few other details of Lisa Jackson's presentation are known. But her high-profile role at Apple will certainly give the Summit an added degree of prominence.

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Source: 2015 PUSH Tech 2020 Summit