One analyst predicts that the sale of patents owned by the Rockstar Consortium of companies could potentially net Apple $392 million in additional cash for the company’s March quarter. Apple originally paid the lion’s share for a series of patents purchased by the companies acquired from Nortel. Apple accounted for 58%, or roughly $2.6 billion of the $4.5 billion that was spent as part of the deal.

For those of you who didn’t know, RPX ended up completing the purchase of Rockstar for $900 million later this year and shed 4,000 patents while ending ongoing lawsuits in the wireless industry. Following the sale, BlackBerry reportedly gained $115 million while the company paid $770 million or 17% of the original purchase. Using these numbers as baseline figures, Maynard Um of Wells Fargo is calculating that Apple could potentially see a gain of roughly $392 billion in the March quarter. This would equate to roughly 5% of the company’s earnings per share according to him.

Um continued by noting that the sale of the Rockstar patents is an indication of a wireless industry that isn’t so heavy on litigation, which is a win/win situation for everyone involved. Prior to this mobile companies were constantly engaged in a series of lawsuits that spanned across the globe causing issues for everyone.

We’re likely to find out the exact amount Apple is going to take home from the Rockstar patent sale on April 27 when the Cupertino California company reveals the results of its second fiscal quarter of 2015. We’ll have to wait until then for more concrete information.

Source: Wells Fargo via AppleInsider