‘Becoming Steve Jobs’ was a big hit ever since it’s recent release, while authors Rick Tetzeli and Brent Schlender paid the New York SoHo Apple Store a visit on Thursday to read sections from the biography. The two were also answering questions from the audience in a rather packed store. It was noted that the store filled up fairly quickly and latecomers even had to stand in the aisles. Schlender and Tetzeli were part of Apple’s meet and greet series where they would bring in filmmakers, musicians, and authors to talk with visitors. Events are free to attend, but reservations ahead of time may be required at some high profile events.

It was noted that ‘Becoming Steve Jobs’ is fairly different than Walter Isaacson’s biography on Jobs, as even current CEO Tim Cook called Isaacson’s book a tremendous disservice to Steve Jobs. Both Cook and Jony Ive also contributed to ‘Becoming Steve Jobs’ and offered more information on Jobs and his personal life. If you haven’t purchased the biography yet, it is available for $19.83 in hardback, $12.99 in the iBookstore, and $11.99 on the Kindle.

Source: Apple