Vendors who have started to accept Apple Pay as a form of payment can soon advertise their support with new decal stickers that have been supplied by Apple itself. These decals have reportedly started to arrive in the mail for merchants recently. As of right now, the free packages offer two glass decals and two register decals, both of which come in two different sizes and both of which tout the Apple Pay logo. Apple also includes a plastic tool that helps merchants apply the glass decal smoothly in the front door of their shop (if they wish to).

In the mail, merchants are getting the decals and a set of instructions for how and where to apply the stickers. The instructions include illustrations that outline the process on how and where to apply the decals correctly. These decal kits advertising Apple Pay acceptance have started to become available earlier this week through the Apple Merchant Supplies website. The kits are free though shop owners who need more than a five piece are required to place their order by calling a toll-free number.

The move indicates another part of the plan in Apple’s mobile payments rollout which went into effect upon activation of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices in October. Apple Pay support will also be available on the Apple Watch when it debuts next month.

Source: Apple via AppleInsider