Apple seems to have acquired the London-based big data analytics firm, Acunu, which previously marketed a real-time analytics platform that boasted high-velocity ingests and compatibility with Cassandra databases. The recently revealed evidence suggests that Apple performed what is referred to as an “acqui-hire” of key Acunu employees back in 2013. From the end of 2013 to the beginning of January 2014, at least seven software engineers including founding CEO and CTO Tim Moreton left Acunu and started working at Apple in some shape or form.

According to Moreton’s LinkedIn profile, he is now serving as an iCloud manager in San Francisco after leaving the Acunu in the UK in December 2013. Former Acunu chief product officer and head engineering Andrew Byde had left the firm in January of 2014 and is currently at Apple as a senior software engineer at the London office. In his LinkedIn profile, Byde says his current position involves “Big Data” at the largest scale – high quality reliable scalable engineering.”

There are several other former employees who now work at Apple including software engineers Richard Low, Nicholas Favre –Felix and Sam Overton. Furthermore, Overton is continuing work with distributed systems at Apple, currently being involved in the “development of highly available distributed systems for structured storage.” Another software engineer left Acunu for Apple in December 2013 before moving on to Google. Grzegorz Milos left his seat as part of Acunu’s kernel team lead in early 2013 and entered Apple in December 2014 as an iCloud engineer focusing on CloudKit technology. Another former Acunu kernel engineer joined Apple this past February as part of the iCloud team. What makes the evidence even stronger is the fact that Acunu is registered to 100 New Bridge Street in London which is the official registered address of Apple Europe.

The recent news indicates the second Apple acquisition that has come to light in the past few days. We’ll have to see how Apple utilizes all the acquisitions to its advantage by waiting patiently. In the meantime, Apple has declined a request for comment.

Source: AppleInsider