It was reported that Netflix on Monday released its streaming services to New Zealand and Australia on multiple platforms including the Apple TV. Users can access on-demand TV shows on Netflix now using game consoles, the Internet, Smart TVs, Blu-Ray players, and the Apple TV according to The Sydney Morning Herald. Apparently those who were using Netflix in Australia before Monday’s rollout were subscribing to and using the U.S. version of Netflix. But in order to get around the country restriction, users were reportedly spoofing their location.

Those who used Netflix in Australia prior to the debut had a limited package, but we suppose it was better than not having any access at all. The Sydney Morning Herald reported that a lot of streamed titles are not available on the Australian Netflix, but it has almost 700 local shows that are not available to Canadian or U.S. Netflix users. We are sure however that once Netflix stabilizes its monthly subscribers, more titles will be added to the list, as the same tactic was used for Netflix users in the U.S.

Currently, users in Australia have to pay AU $8.99 (approx. $7.07 USD) a month for the normal streaming package, AU $11.99 (approx. $9.43 USD) a month for HD content and for two screens, and AU $14.99 (approx. $11.78 USD) a month for 4K resolutions for four screens.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald