iMovie appears to be one of Apple’s first apps to receives support for haptic feedback via the new Force Touch trackpad providing a glimpse of Apple’s plans for the technology. In this particular scenario, haptic feedback is enabled in three situations: when dragging a video clip to its maximum length, snapping a title at the start or end of a video clip and lastly when snapping to alignment guides during video cropping. The changes came as part of the iMovie 10.0.7 update that was released earlier in March as noticed by Final Cut blogger Alex Gollner.

The addition of this feature in iMovie suggests that Apple s likely preparing for wider rollout of haptic feedback across various OS X software and general functionality. Given the features prominence in the Apple Watch and migration to functionality for the Mac, it seems bringing the technology to iOS devices would be Apple’s next move.

For those of you who didn’t know, Apple’s Force Touch trackpad was released alongside the new MacBook. Many found it to be an excellent addition to the Mac as the user experience is relatively the same but the versatility of the haptic feedback mechanism is proving to be more useful than imagined.

Source: Apple (Support), Alex Gollner (Blog)