On Monday, Apple has released an OS X Yosemite security update dubbed "2015-002 1.0" via the Mac App Store. Users can open the Mac App Store and visit the Updates tab in the application to find, download, and install the update on their machines.

The update patches the 'FREAK' Web browser vulnerability that was publicized just days ago. The vulnerability, worth noting, could allow a hacker to reduce the amount of encryption used by certain large Web sites in order to put users' confidential information at risk by using a botnet of computers to crack the encryption in just a few hours.

Apple has not only fixed this problem in OS X, but also appears to have fixed the problem in iOS with the release of today's brand-new iOS 8.2. The bug also affects Android devices and Google reportedly has a fix in the works that has been distributed to partnering companies for that platform as well.

With another major issue patched over, users can now go back to using Safari and Mobile Safari to visit their favorite Web sites safely on their mobile devices and machines.