View Poll Results: Will you be buying an Apple Watch or one of Apple's new 12-inch MacBooks?

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  • Yes, I want an Apple Watch.

    7 28.00%
  • Yes, I want a 12-inch MacBook.

    2 8.00%
  • Um, yes. I definitely want both!

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  • I don't really want or need either.

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Thread: Will You Be Buying An Apple Watch or One of Apple's New 12-inch MacBooks? [POLL]

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    Default Will You Be Buying An Apple Watch or One of Apple's New 12-inch MacBooks? [POLL]

    On Monday, Apple announced both the Apple Watch and the new 12-inch MacBook, both which come with amazing new features that no other Apple product has ever come with before.

    We are pretty excited to get our hands on the Apple Watch ourselves, but we are interested in what you, the readers, thought about Monday's 'Spring Forward' event and what devices you're interested in grabbing when they're available.

    The Apple Watch makes a pretty awesome companion device with the iPhone, allowing you to interface with notifications, applications, and even payment services right from your wrist. It looks like it will be a nice little game-changer for those that want a better way to see their notifications without appearing rude in business meetings and elsewhere.

    The new MacBook, on the other hand, is an incredibly lightweight portable notebook computer with a very simple purpose – to give you portable OS X access anywhere you can fit a 12-inch computer. It comes with all-day battery life and new keyboard and track pad technology to give you a much more solid user experience with efficient processing power.

    So ModMyi, what device or devices are you going to be getting when they're available? We've included a poll in the forum version of this post at this link where you can leave your vote. We look forward to seeing how the numbers lean!

    To learn more about the new MacBook, you can read our post on it from the event at this link. The same goes for the Apple Watch –*our post on that is available at this link.

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    I'll tell you what I'm excited about... Getting an Apple Watch jailbroken. I'm not sure what that'll do, but it'll sure as heck be better than stock.

    Just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!

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    The only thing I like from Apple is the Iphone. Nothing else!

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    The gold macbook looks awesome but to expensive for me. Not sure if I could spend 400 for a watch myself anyway. Although it'd be cool to have

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    I'm getting the iwatch for my mom so she can ditch her Fitbit

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    I'm fine with my iPhone and iPad.

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    I'm torn on the Apple Watch. I think it's way too big to be a comfortable watch - it'll probably get snagged on your sleeve constantly.

    But what I admire most about the Apple watch is simply the quality of the wrist bands. I really love the engineering and design of the bands - they solve so many problems that traditional watch bands have, and they look great. But they're made by a company that charges $45 for a silicone case - you can bet these bands will be marked up in price by 500%

    The watch itself looks beautiful, in a way - kind of space-age, like if one were to design a smartwatch in the 60's when the space-craze was happening. Now it's just an impractical display of wealth, I feel. I mean, how lazy do you need to be to spend $400 just to avoid taking your phone out of your pocket? In this way the Apple Watch is kind of an insult to consumers.

    I can understand those that want it, though - I wouldn't try to discourage people from buying one. People should buy what they like! If you think it looks cool and you want one then awesome! That's what life is about - finding things that interest you and pursuing them, right? Right.

    I would also never say never. One day Apple may make the watch of my dreams - the perfect wrist-computer design that just speaks to me. I have a feeling that day won't come for a long, long time, though, especially with the Virtual Reality revolution just around the corner. My money is going there, instead.
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    I stopped upgrading my iPhones after getting iPads. Now with an iPad Air and an older iPhone. Like to buy an Android phone next time. I feel it's waste of money to have an iPhone if u have an iPad. Obviously I'm always using iPad. And like to enjoy the unrestricted world of Android.

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    Never been a watch person and since they didn't build the 15.4" (as stated a couple months ago), I went with the 15.4" PRO.

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    At $24,000 Australian for the most expensive model of apple watch... no thanks!

    I'm still waiting for the international rollout of ApplePay.

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    If I found one cheap, or got one as a gift, I would wear it. I will not however, be spending full price money for one. I don't wear one now, don't see a reason to start....yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nudge2232 View Post
    At $24,000 Australian for the most expensive model of apple watch... no thanks!

    I'm still waiting for the international rollout of ApplePay.
    I don't know why anyone would waste their time or money for the most expensive model of the Apple Watch. I would want a nice stainless steel one. It would be durable and cost-efficient.

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    I think they are the best looking and sexiest smart watch out there at this time. I also think they are a bit pricey..but they say you get what you pay for. In the end, I will probably get one for curiosity and jailbreak potential/tweaks. It will be able to do what no current smart watch currently can, once the Dev's get a JB for it. :]

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    I like the watch, but not interested in smartwatches in general. They haven't yet provided any service that doesn't already exist on my phone and the convenience of lifting my arm versus reaching in my pocket is not worth $350+.

    I also like the nerw Macbook, but again, price versus performance is just not there. I know for some that size/weight may be important, but not for me. I'm very happy with my refurb 13" MBP w/ Retina I snagged from their site. It's still very light and much mroe capable.

    These products are all well and good for the very well-off, and while I could technically afford them myself, I don't see the use in wasting my money on them. I'll keep my current product that work perfectly well and use that money to take a vacation with my wife to some place wamr and with a beach instead.

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    a watch that lasts less than a day is not a watch, so no, I will not buy useless expensive metal for my wrist.

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    I think the Apple Watch and smartwatches and pretty exciting with great potential, though I haven't seen anything that makes me really want one. Apple Watch/Moto 360 3 or 4 maybe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardwell View Post
    a watch that lasts less than a day is not a watch, so no, I will not buy useless expensive metal for my wrist.
    Just as wel. They don't have bands in troll size.

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    Im OK with 18 hours of battery life but if it is not waterproof it is only half-useful. It should withstand showers, hand washings and a quick dunk in a pool.

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