Apple is reportedly in talks with Nordstrom, which leads many to believe that the Apple Watch could be available for purchase from the upscale third-party fashion retailer, in addition to Apple’s own retail stores. Although other retailers such as Macy’s, Saks 5th Avenue, Barney’s and Bloomingdales are claiming that they don’t have any immediate plans to carry the Apple Watch, a source told the folks over at Reuters that Nordstrom seems to be taking a different approach to the matter. Furthermore, Nordstrom has refused to comment about the product, a position that was echoed by Target as well. Furthermore, it was noted that Best Buy may not get the Apple Watch at launch so it would be surprising to see Nordstrom get it.

For those of you who didn’t know, Nordstrom is an international chain that sells a variety of men’s and women’s fashion items including watches. This could make it a natural distribution option for the Apple Watch but so far, we haven’t seen too many signs that Apple plans to sell its products outside of its own retail stores. Back in September, Apple brought its prototype Watches to a high-end fashion store but the move was purely or show, with the shop refusing to say whether it would actually sell the device.

We’ll have more details about the launch of the Apple Watch late today. As of right now, the device poses unique obstacles for Apple as the Cupertino California company hasn’t made or sold fashion accessories before. The company is in fact believed to be preparing to renovate the Apple Store chain to better suit fashion shoppers including the addition of carpets and mirrors. This move is likely a result of the introduction of the Apple Watch, which is set to attract existing and new customers to the Apple ecosystem.

We’ll have to wait for more concrete evidence, which should be revealed shortly.

Source: Reuters