Those of you who have PCs or run any kind of dual-boot solution for having Windows as a second operating system on your Mac aren't new to the fact that Oracle, the makers of Java, bundle toolbars and homepage re-directs with a fresh installation of Java that will take effect if the user does not specifically un-check the option within the Java installation.

Oracle has been doing this for what feels like years on Windows machines, and unfortunately, it looks like Oracle has just started doing the same thing on Mac OS X machines. As ZDNet reports, the latest version of the Java installer for Mac OS X now attempts to install adware by default when being installed.

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The unwelcome Ask extension shows up as part of the installer if a Mac user downloads Java 8 Update 40 for the Mac. In my tests on a Mac running that latest release of OS X, the installer added an app to the current browser, Chrome version 41.
In addition to upsetting users by installing unwanted software on their machines, these unwanted add-ons have a reputation for being lower quality and giving users less-than-satisfactory search results that are decorated with ads.

Users can opt out of installing the adware by by un-checking the box that is checked by default, which unsuspecting users will fall victim to if not paying attention. Oracle has added to the latest installation prompt details that announce the partnership between the two companies, although ZDNet reports that the earlier version of the installer did not alert users of the new partnership.

Overall, this seems like a frustrating choice by Oracle from the eyes of users. Either Mac OS X users need to start paying attention to their installation processes for applications, or they're going to soon end up with loads of adware just like Windows users have for years installing these same applications.

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