Apple is starting to e-mail those who have purchased the Aperture application from the Mac App Store letting them know that Apple's new Photos application for Mac OS X is coming soon, and that as a result, Aperture will be pulled from the Mac App Store at the time of its launch.

Because the application is being pulled, customers will no longer be able to purchase the application from the Mac App Store, as Apple is pushing those who want photo-editing features in Mac OS X to go with the new Photos application when it comes out with OS X 10.10.3 in the Spring.

It's also worth noting that the e-mail goes into detail about how to migrate your Aperture library to the Photos for OS X library and also links out to Apple's Web site so that you can read more about the Photos for OS X application. Because a unified library isn't shared, changes in photographs will not be shared between the applications.

Sources: 9to5Mac