If you're an avid movie goer, there's a good chance you've seen plenty of Apple products, logos, or references in a majority of the films you've enjoyed in recent years.

According to a new report from Brand Channel, Apple is the king of movie product placements once again.

For 15 years, Brand Channel has been monitoring in-movie product placements. And for 2014, Apple was the most widely featured brand -- an achievement the company last earned in 2011.

"Apple products appeared in nine of the 35 films that topped the U.S. weekend box office in 2014, or about a quarter of all #1s," the new report reads, indicating that Apple topped (although barely) product appearances by Coca-Cola, Sony, and other seemingly ubiquitous brands.

Budweiser and Mercedes-Benz also trailed Apple while still making appearances on the top ten list of most frequent on-screen brand appearances.

Apple, of course, isn't alone on the big screen despite being the most visible brand. In "Transformers: Age of Extinction," for example, Apple is just one of 55 total brands to appear on screen in the film.

Source: BrandChannel