Even the ultra-secretive Apple makes no secret of its plan to make the Chinese mobile device market its own. To get there, however, Apple will have to grow its retail presence significantly. But it's well on its way to doing exactly that.

Poised to open at least 25 additional Apple Stores in China by 2016 (which will put the total number of Apple retail stores in the nation at 40), Apple will open its next Chinese retail store this week. Apple's China-focused website confirms the grand opening (taking place at the MixC mall) is now set for March 7th.

It should be noted that while Apple is endeavoring to open more Apple stores across the vast landscape of China, the newest store in China is the third such store Apple has already opened in the city of Chongqing -- apparently, an important region for Apple and one that is effectively driving sales of new Apple products.

As Apple CEO Tim Cook has now admitted on multiple occasions, China will likely become Apple's biggest market in the very near future, a reality that will all but certainly be expedited by the rapid pace at which Apple is opening new retail outlets across the world's most populous nation.

Source: Apple's Chinese Website