It has been recently reported that Apple has added nine new cities to their in-house mapping service. Venice, Italy is one of the new cities added to the list of places that has 3D Flyover support. The mapping service was first introduced back in 2012 as a part of iOS 6. 3 years later, more cities have been added and the 3D Flyover support is getting more and more cities involved.

The addition of nine new cities was first announced through Apple’s iOS 8 feature availability webpage. They also had a list and number of medium to large size cities within North America and Europe. The following are all the cities Apple updated for Flyover coverage:

• Baton Rouge, La.
• Boise, Idaho
• Cáceres, Spain
• Edinburgh, Scotland
• Guadalajara, Mexico
• Ponce, Puerto Rico
• Linz, Austria
• Rennes, France
• Venice, Italy
Source: Apple