AppleInsider reported that at Chase’s investor call recently, they announced that they now have 1 million plus credit and debit cards linked to use with mobile payment system Apple Pay. The report also spoke about Apple Pay users’ demographics. According to the CEO of Chase Card Services, most Apple Pay users are on the younger side and have a higher income.

Ever since Apple Pay was released last year, the number of Apple Pay users has gone up, and we can only imagine the same goes for Chase specifically. The report noted that 58% of the time, Apple Pay Chase cards are used at the top 5 merchants and 42% of the time the payment system is used at other merchants. Chase is not the only bank that has announced their success on Apple Pay, as Bank of America also said approximately 800,000 of their customers are using the mobile payment system.

The Cupertino-based company is looking to expand Apple Pay outside of the U.S., first taking it to Europe this year and hoping to expand it to China as well. We wonder how long it will be before Apple Pay is being used worldwide.

Source: AppleInsider