It has been reported and confirmed that Microsoft recently acquired the Sunrise calendar app. Sunrise apparently raised approximately $8.2 million in venture funding and received great reviews on the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Android platforms. Microsoft confirmed the report in a video, which was posted to the company’s YouTube channel. TechCrunch noted last week that Microsoft was spending $100 million to acquire the company. Microsoft however did not confirm this.

The video features an interview with Microsoft’s Steve Clayton and Sunrise co-founder Pierre Valade. When the video was released, Microsoft had apparently made the video private for a short period of time before making it live again. The video also featured the co-founder of Acompli, another one of Microsoft’s recently acquired companies.

According to the Sunrise co-founders, the acquisition is "just the beginning" of a great future and the app will remain available on all platforms it is currently on. Take a look at the video above.

Source: Microsoft, YouTube