Just when you thought there were no records left for Apple to break, Tim Cook and company have something else to celebrate in record-breaking fashion.

On Tuesday, at the end of trading on Wall Street, Apple became the first American company to close at more than $700 billion (in market value).

AAPL jumped 1.9% today, reaching $122.02. All together, it puts Apple's market value at $710.7 billion. It's a remarkable feat for Apple, particularly when you consider shares of the company climbed 64% in the past year to make it happen.

An infographic from the WSJ puts into perspective just how big $710 billion is. It's twice Google's market gap, for example. It's four-times more than Bank of America's market cap. Or 24-times the market cap of Twitter.

So how did Apple do it? According to CEO Tim Cook, China's widening appetite for Apple products made this growth surge possible.

"In the fourth quarter of 2014, Apple, which resisted pressure to introduce a cheaper smartphone for the Chinese market, sold more smartphones in China than any other company, according to research firm Canalys," the WSJ reported Tuesday.

Source: WSJ