According to multiple sources, Bob Bridger, Apple’s VP of Retail Real Estate will be leaving the company. He is the last exec from the Steve Jobs and Ron Johnson time and will be retiring from the Cupertino-based company. Bridger had apparently announced his departure last Thursday at a meeting with colleagues, but no specific reason was given as to why he was leaving. Previously, Bridger was in charge of looking for new retail locations, building new stores, and even making lease deals.

For over 400 Apple stores, Bridger was in charge of creating them and helping with creating the iPhone, iPod, and iPad devices. At the time, Jerry McDougal and Steve Cano along with Bridger ran Apple Retail operations. But ever since Angela Ahrendts was hired, Cano was asked to go to the international sales department instead. McDougal left Apple back in 2013 to work at Johnson’s gadget delivery startup company.

It seems like the Cupertino-based company has Ahrendts to run all retail operations now as she has been in charge of setting up new locations worldwide. With a fashion background, she even went as far as changing employee uniforms for in-store. It is likely that this is the reason behind Bridger’s decision to finally retire and leave the company.

Source: 9to5Mac