We reported just yesterday that Aaron Sorkinís Steve Jobs biopic has finally started filming as photos of Michael Fassbender and Seth Rogen together have circulated the web. Over the weekend, it was reported that thousands of people responded to a casting call for the film looking to be extras. CNETís Shara Tibken noted that 2,000 plus people were present while wearing 80s-inspired outfits to be in a scene as an extra. Hundreds of fans were rejected because of the overwhelming response by fans for the casting call. According to Tibken,

I thought I'd have no trouble getting onto the movie set at the Flint Center here since I was "confirmed" as an extra and arrived at the designated time. Silly me. After years of covering the lines at Apple events and product launches, I should have known better.
Extras were told to arrive from the hours of 9a.m and 10a.m, but many started lining up as early as 5a.m. A member from the casting company even felt that the whole situation was too overwhelming.

According to the notice to be an extra, I was to take part in a scene from 1984 (which was evidently to be the Mac launch). It recommended that men have "big long sideburns" and that women should wear blouses that are "boxy in cut with larger shoulders." Everyone was supposed to wear layers. [...]

There were plenty of Cosby sweaters and plaid, flannel button-ups. And many women sported side ponytails and leg warmers, which didn't seem quite appropriate for Apple shareholders (Jobs introduced the Mac during a stockholder meeting in 1984).
It was noted that those who didnít get to participate in being an extra for the film, may get another chance to do so because they will be filming in the same area for the next month and a half. Are you looking to be an extra for the film? Or have you tried already? Let us know in the comments section.

Source: CNET