With new products inbound for Apple's retail stores, corresponding changes to the overall design and layout of the famous retail properties may be changing to accommodate changing times.

For months we've been hearing rumblings that serious changes were being considered that take current and future product releases into consideration. From the immediate future (the release of Apple Watch) to long-term plans (connected HDTVs from Apple) Apple Stores will need to be redesigned to account for the new product offerings that may soon consume more space than it presently available.

These changes may even be coming sooner than you think. According to published reports Tuesday. Apple's Sr. VP of Retail and Online stores Angela Ahrendts is tinkering with the rumored redesign as we speak. And her plans may accelerate next month when Apple’s longtime VP of retail real estate and development Bob Bridger purportedly departs from Cupertino sometime next month (that hasn't been confirmed by Apple, however).

"Ahrendts is considering major physical changes for the stores, including new seating areas beyond the Genius Bar stools," says Gary Allen of ifoAppleStore. "Right now, a few high-profile stores have wooden or stone benches for tired visitors to relax or wait for their Genius Bar appointment. However, scores of visitors have to stand up at most stores, degrading the “perfect” customer experience that Apple strives to achieve. Sources say a pilot program for the seating and other layout changes could appear in select U.S. and Europe stores this spring—about the time of the Apple Watch debut."

Source: ifoAppleStore