With Chinese New Year coming up in just a few weeks on February 19th, 2015, Apple has released a new video advertisement on its Chinese online website. The video is apparently one and a half minute long and is an advertisement in celebration of the upcoming Chinese New Year. Apple’s new video advertisement is much like the ad that was aired during last year’s Christmas season titled ‘The Song.’ For those that didn’t know, ‘The Song’ featured a young girl who used a Mac to record a duet version of the original old record her grandmother had made.

The new ad that was posted onto China Apple’s website features a granddaughter who converts an old recording using Apple software and hardware. She converts it so that it could be used on the Cupertino-based company’s iPad. This is the first advertisement made by the company for China, which makes it a significant one. China has been a huge growing market for Apple as Tim Cook just announced recently that the iPhone 6 lineup was even more successful in China than it was in the U.S. They are also trying to expand in the Chinese market and have already opened two of the five planned Retail Stores in the region.

Source: Apple