Back in October of last year, we reported Apple had notified developers that starting February 1st they would have a 64-bit requirement for all iOS 8 software being submitted. Now, the Cupertino-based company sent out a second notification to developers reminding them about this requirement. This time, Apple took to their News and Updates section of the Developer website to notify all developers.

Those that have to worry about the February 1st deadline are only first-time submitters of any app. First-time submitters will also need to build their apps using the iOS 8 software development kit. Developers who are just looking to update their current apps have until June 1st to develop 64-bit and iOS 8 SDK support for their existing app. Apple was the first company to have 64-bit processing capabilities on a phone back in 2013 when then iPhone 5s was released.

Not long after Apple revealed the ability to have 64-bit support, Korean-based company Samsung promised the same kind of support for their future devices. This put pressure on many electronic companies because they did not want to fall behind and be left out- even though many dubbed it unnecessary on Apple to have 64-bit processing capabilities.

Developers who are looking to upgrade their apps can download the latest iOS 8 SDK as part of the recently updated Xcode 6.1.1 via Apple’s Developer Portal.

Source: Apple