If you've recently searched for and failed to find a new iPod Shuffle, don't be mistaken and think for one second that Apple is about to dump its longtime pint-sized media player.

According to trusted sources speaking with Billboard on Friday, Apple isn't giving up on the gadget, it's merely having a difficult time keeping supplies up. The reason? It all goes back to supplier issues -- specifically, component supplier changes.

"The company has been telling its retail employees to expect a Shuffle shortage for an unspecified period," the report reads. "The lack of product has also led to a longer wait period when making a purchase online: whereas an iPod Touch or Nano will ship in 24 hours, a Shuffle now takes 7-10 business days."

Speculation has loomed for months that the Shuffle would be put out to rest among retired Apple products. But once the latest component issue is resolved, the Shuffle should ship just as quickly as other readily-stocked Apple gadgets from the online store.

Source: Billboard