Those of you who already have or are planning to buy the Yves Behar-designed August Smart Lock will now have the option to control the device from our iPhone even when you’re out of the house. This is all thanks to the new August Connect accessory which was announced at CES 2015. The August Connect accessory is roughly the size of Apple’s iPad power adapter and plugs into a power outlet, acting as a bridge between the smart lock and consumers’ home Wi-Fi network. Users will be given the option to check the status of the lock, receive notifications when people enter or exist through a smart lock-equipped door and remotely “buzz in” visitors through the door.

August CEO Jason Johnson said the following in a release regarding the new product:

With August Connect, August is expanding the range of functionality for our users, delivering new experiences around secure, intelligent access to the home. While the existing Bluetooth connectivity in the August Smart Lock allows it to be a truly offline, independent device, August Connect enhances that core offering with new benefits such as real time and WiFi Internet connectivity.
When it comes to pricing, the August Connect will not require any subscription fee. It just involves a one-time payment of $49.99 (plus tax). Those of you interested in buying it can currently pre-order it with shipping expected to begin next month.

Alongside the August Connect, the company also announced the release of a private API that will allow some hardware partners such as Logitech and SmartThings, to integrate August into other home automation systems.

Are any of you interested in the picking up the accessory? (Or in some cases both the device and its new accessory?)

Source: Engadget