As we are getting closer to the launch of the Apple Watch, many companies are curious as to how good it will actually turn out to be. But as other luxury watchmakers are watching Apple very closely, Montblanc already announced its new e-Strap accessory. According to aBlogtoWatch, the e-Strap is an accessory band that can replace regular bands and connect the watch to the smartphone. The e-Strap also has a 0.9-inch screen that attaches to the regular watch and is located on the underside of the wrist. The screen gives users count steps, music playback control, and notifications from smartphones. It has been said that the accessory will last up to five days and will connect to the iPad or iPhone using Bluetooth. According to aBlogtoWatch,

How impressive as a connected wearable device will the e-Strap's electronic module be? It will have a 0.9 inch monochromatic OLED touchscreen display with a 128x36 pixel resolution. That isn't exactly industry changing, but this is more than just a mere notification device. Montblanc has made it clear that in addition to basic calls, texts, e-mails, calendars, social media, and reminder notifications, the e-Strap will function as an activity monitor/tracker with a pedometer and accelerometer to measure data that feeds into an included iPhone or Android phone app.
It has been reported that Montblanc’s e-Strap will sell for 250 Euros, which is approximately $304 USD. Apparently the accessory will also be an option for certain Timewalker Urban Speed watches. Not long ago, we reported that TAG Heuer is also working on a smartwatch after the company’s interim chief executive Jean-Claude Biver had rejected the idea of wearable devices. Other companies like Fossil and Timex have been said to be partnering with Intel and Qualcomm for their wearble devices as well. It seems like many luxury watch companies are going to be releasing a type of smartwatch after the anticipation for the Apple Watch has been so high. How excited are you for the Apple Watch? Or will you be getting one from a different brand? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: aBlogtoWatch