Disney CEO Bob Iger recently had an interview with Fortune and was featured on the magazine’s cover. In the interview, Iger spoke out about Apple and Steve Jobs as well as his relationship with Jobs, Disney’s efforts in keeping up with a growing technological world, and what he thinks of Apple’s and Disney’s history. Iger spoke about a moment back in 2005 where he reached out to Jobs right when he was about to become CEO of Disney. Apparently, before the company had acquired Pixar, their animation was considered ‘lifeless,’ and previous Disney CEO Michael Eisner also had ‘bad blood’ with Jobs. According to Fortune,

Even before the news became public, he called Jobs to let him know big changes were coming. “I told him I was well aware of how strained the relationship had become,” says Iger. “I said, ‘I know you think it’s going to be business as usual, but I’d like to prove to you that it’s not.’ ”

Jobs gave Iger the benefit of the doubt and told him to come up as soon as the dust settled. And that’s just what Iger did—not only because he knew Pixar was the key to revitalizing Disney’s lifeless animation studio, but also because he saw Apple’s CEO as a valuable technology partner. The sentiment, apparently, was reciprocated.

“Steve recognized that in Bob he actually had a partner,” says Edwin Catmull, current President of both Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Animation Studios. “In the subsequent years they thought of each other as true partners. That’s what he wanted, and that’s not what he had previously.”
As Disney’s and Apple’s partnership only improved from there, Iger made ABC and its programs available on the iTunes store, just two weeks after becoming the CEO of Disney. It was noted that many companies had criticized Disney for deciding to do that with Apple and therefore received a ton of backlash from its retailers and affiliates. However, Iger noted that it had "changed his relationship with Jobs big time. And it led to a much better dialogue on Pixar.” Even recently Disney has been one of Apple’s biggest supporters of Apple Pay, first accepting Apple Pay in Stores and then being able to checkout on iOS devices via Apple Pay and finally even bringing Apple Pay to its popular Walt Disney World theme park.

Source: Fortune