Job marketing website ZipRecruiter has reported that Bose is looking for a ‘cloud music services’ UX designer. This means that the company may be working on a music streaming platform to compete with other companies like iTunes Radio, Spotify, Beats Music, and others. The open position will be an addition to their Algorithms & Cloud Experiences team. According to the job description:

We are seeking an expert Experience Designer to lead design and prototyping of our next generation streaming music platform and ecosystem of products. [...] We will move quickly and have an immediate and lasting impact on Bose's streaming music products.
The fact that Bose wants someone with previous experience means that they are looking to hire someone who has worked for music streaming companies like Pandora, Spotify, Beats, and/or others before. If this is the case, then the competition between Bose and Apple/Beats just got bigger. Previously, Apple had removed all Bose products from its Online Store and Retail Stores without any warning or reason. However, the Cupertino-based company added the company’s products back to its stores not too long ago.

Source: ZipRecruiter