Apple has recently released a new holiday commercial titled ‘The Song,’ continuing their ‘From one gift come many’ campaign for the holidays. The commercial starts off with a girl looking at a black and white photo while holding an old record and decides to play it on a record player. You then see her listening to the record while learning it on her own guitar and recording it on her Mac. The girl’s grandma walks into the kitchen and finds an iPad on the table that tells her to press play.

When the grandma hears the duet version of the original song, you see her emotions and how happy she was. Apple finishes the commercial with a Happy Holidays message and wrote this on the website:

Some gifts create a million more. Watch as one budding musician uses Mac and GarageBand to make a heartfelt song for her grandmother.
The Cupertino-based company is known for their heartfelt commercials that incorporate Apple products very subtly in their ads. Last year the company even won an ‘Outstanding Commercial’ Emmy Award for their holiday ad.

Source: Apple