A vintage Apple-1 computer with documentation proving that it was sold by none other than Steve Jobs for $600 in 1976 recently sold for $365,000. This number actually fell short of estimates which were expected to fetch roughly $400,000 and $600,000. The Ricketts Apple-1 personal computer, which was named after its original owner, Charles Ricketts, is currently one of 50 surviving models that are known to be in working condition.

The computer had apparently been through a total of five owners, with the original owner obvious being Ricketts and the last being the current seller, Bob Luther who had bought the Apple-1 from a sheriff’s sale in December 2004 for $7,600. Included in the lot was a canceled check which dated back to July 27, 1976. The check was made out to Apple Computer and had a note from Ricketts which read the following:

Purchased July 1976 from Steve Jobs in his parents' garage in Los Altos.
What was also part of the collection was the original Apple documents sold by cofounder Ron Wayne. Among the papers were proofs of the Apple-1 manual, the original company logo and designs for an Apple II case.

The recent $365,000 price is far from the record-setting Apple-1 auction which was conducted by Bonhams in October that saw the Henry Ford organization successfully bid a whopping $905,000 to take the product to their museum in Dearborn, Michigan. Regardless, Apple-1 hardware prices seemed to have skyrocketed due to Apple’s success over the past decade coupled with the hardware becoming a piece of tech history.

Source: Christie’s, ComputerWorld