Apple TV users may still be waiting for a hardware update (nearly three years removed from the last hardware update to the set-top box), but Apple continues to update on a consistent basis the array of channels and their corresponding apps available on the extremely popular streaming platform.

On Tuesday, something new came to Apple TV, but it really has more to do with Google than Apple.

YouTube's channel on Apple TV is now a lot sweeter. In short, it brings the full video catalog to the channel, dramatically expanding content to which Apple TV owners can access. If you're signed in, there are also improved recommendations and more of the control/navigation capabilities to which you've likely grown accustomed on the desktop.

It's a cool update to say the least that stole the show today even though YouTube wasn't the only refresh to land on Apple TV today. In addition, Google was joined in the Apple TV content update by new offerings from a host of popular content providers. Apple also welcomed brand spankin' new content from UFC, Fusion, The Scene, and DailyMotion.

Source: Apple TV