As part of the ongoing bankruptcy proceedings, secret documents which are being shared by Apple with creditors of the former sapphire partner, GT Advanced Technologies, could become a part of the public record next month. Though the information that is being shared by Apple continues to remain out of the public eye for now, the creditors could decide to use some of it to challenge the bankruptcy ruling. In this event, it’s likely that the details would not be kept secret by the judge which is overseeing the case.

Judge Henry Boroff had the following to say regarding the matter:

I don't want to get into the sealing business again if I don't have to.
Apple initially fought to keep a number of documents secret in the case but ultimately conceded and agreed to unseal several secret documents in order to comply with the bankruptcy settlement. The secret documents have already reveals the terms of Apple’s extensive non-disclosure agreements with suppliers.

As of right now, creditors are reviewing the documents provided by Apple ahead of the December court date. In the event that the creditors believe the terms of the bankruptcy agreement aren’t in their favor, they could end up presenting some of Apple’s confidential documents as evidence to strengthen their case. The creditors have already alleged that Apple breached its contract with GT Advanced Technologies. At this moment, GTAT noteholders including Aristeia Capital and Sumitomo have asked for and received an extension earlier this month, pushing back the approval date for the settlement with Apple.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens when the approval date nears.

Source: The Wall Street Journal