Just how popular and publicity-worthy is Apple Pay to the major banks and financial institutions that support the mobile payments platform? For chase, Apple Pay is valuable enough to promote in a dedicated TV ad.

Beginning today, Chase has launched a new TV ad campaign that highlights the financial juggernaut's support for Apple Pay.

"We've been working with Apple for a long time -- over a year -- on this partnership," Chase's Chief Brand Officer Susan Canavari tells AdAge. "We thought about their values as well as ours, and we both focus on our customers."

In addition to a 30-second spot running on all the major networks in prime time, Chase has prepped a 90-second version for YouTube and social media that probes in-depth the banking giant's adoption of cutting edge mobile payment technologies and the added convenience that customers can expect.

Not surprisingly, however, Apple played a central role in the creative direction of the ad. According to the same report, Apple marketing boss Phil Schiller "retained final say" on Chase's new commercials.

Source: AdAge