After a few weeks of being in develop-only beta testing, the new photo uploading feature is now available on the Web to all Apple users who have an iCloud account. As of Friday, the upload feature on iCloud Photos will be made accessible to all users. The new “Upload” option appears next to “Select Photos” in the iCloud Photos section of the website.

Once users hit the “Upload” button, they will be allowed to add JPG images to their iCloud Photo cache for browsing on iOS and Mac devices. This button brings up a Finder window from which users can select single images or batches of photos to send to iCloud. Once uploaded, the pictures are pushed down to iOS devices signed in to the associated iCloud account. Furthermore, they can also be made available to users granted access to images via iCloud Photo Sharing.

Apple also allows users to automatically upload photos and videos from their Camera Roll for storage and cross-device syncing and download. The feature is very similar to Photo Stream in iOS 7 but with support for full-resolution content and edit syncing. As of right now, iCloud Photos continues to remain labeled as a beta. It only supports JPG images and won’t accept images in other formats and it also can’t be used to upload video files.

Have any of you utilized the feature yet?

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