It’s that time of the year again and Apple is already pushing out email campaigns highlighting gift options for consumers. The Cupertino-based company revamped their website on Wednesday and sent out emails to prepare for the upcoming holiday season. This year, the email begins with a photo that says “From one gift come many” and then advertises its products. The focus this year is on Apple’s iPad, iPhone 6 lineup, Mac, Apple TV, photo gifts, and redesigned gift cards with matching Beats accessories. Apple’se email also focuses on the gold color option with many of its products this year.

The email comes just as we are a little over a week away from Black Friday shopping. Apple has yet to announce any discounts for Black Friday, but typically does offer a sale to kick off the holiday shopping season. We have to warn you though, don’t expect anything too aggressive as the company’s promotions are never anything too big. Last year, Apple gift cards were offered to customers who purchased select items and the promotion was for the U.S. and Australian market only. The European market however, received actual discounts on devices. Take a look at some of the pictures shown in the email campaign this year:

Source: Apple