Apple has its sights set on a huge office structure in Los Angeles for what could become the company's flagship store in L.A. And as of Wednesday, no reports have countered the details that first broke earlier this week. In fact, all signs point to Apple pushing ahead with its plans.

Despite already having nearly two dozen smaller Apple stores in the general L.A. region, this one will be a whopper in comparison.

Los Angeles’ Downtown Examiner says the next flagship Apple Store will house both the usual retail offering but also enough office space for many Apple employees (perhaps even an official Beats headquarters).

“Rumors swirling are Apple Corp will have a campus in the building with multiple uses such as office space, residential, and retail,” the report reads. “There is also talk of Apple opening up a branch for their recent 3 Billion dollar purchase of Beats By Dre, which is a critically acclaimed subscription streaming music service, which makes the popular Beats headphones, speakers and audio software.”

As of this writing, there's no planned move-in date for Apple at the Broadway Trade Center, which is all of five stories and contains more than 1 million square feet of available space. But speculation hints at early 2015.

Source: Downtown Examiner