The Cupertino California company is looking to grab a bigger portion of the corporate software and solutions business by utilizing dedicated sales teams tasked with wooing big-name corporations, all while working with software developers who are already established in the enterprise sector. Reuters reports that the company is making a big move to expand its presence in enterprise by utilizing these tactics.

When it comes to sales, Apple has reportedly sent teams to talk to chief information officers heading up IT at large corporations. Financial services giant, Citigroup, is said to be one of Apple’s targets while it’s unclear if the firm signed on. Sources claim that Apple is working with several software startups including ServiceMax and PlanGrid, both of which focus on enterprise solutions and apps. Furthermore, the Cupertino California company is also working on formal arrangements with other unnamed developers, none of which have been made public yet.

Those of you who have been following Apple’s moves will see some of the company’s ambition in its recent partnership with IBM which is set to come to life in the near future. The two tech giants are collaborating to roll out “IBM MobileFirst for iOS” which will include a series of apps that will target multiple industries and incorporate custom-tailored software and services sold on iOS hardware. This particular partnership appears to be the one of Apple’s main goals in an effort to rival current offerings from competitors such as Microsoft and Oracle.

With Apple recent roll out of a new AppleCare for Enterprise website, the Cupertino California company’s efforts in the enterprise are just starting to show. We’ll have to wait and see what comes next.

Source: Reuters