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Thread: U2's Frontman Bono Says Apple "Let Us Into the Labs"

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    Default U2's Frontman Bono Says Apple "Let Us Into the Labs"

    When Apple unveiled the iPhone 6 lineup back in September, the company also did a free giveaway of U2’s album ‘Songs of Innocence.’ Apparently, Apple’s partnership with U2 was more than just a free album giveaway. The rock band’s manager claimed that the two have formed a ‘long-term’ relationship. At Dublin’s Web Summit, VentureBeat stated that the band’s front man Bono announced that the Cupertino-based company let them into the labs. This may mean that the duo are working on either products or services that have yet to be announced. According to VentureBeat,

    To illustrate the kind of concepts U2 and Apple might be exploring, Bono told the story of being in a house in France with Steve Jobs a decade ago. Bono looked at a version of iTunes being displayed on a TV screen and asked Jobs if he liked design so much, then "why does that look like a spreadsheet?"

    Bono said he had wondered why the album covers displayed on iTunes weren't interactive or why they didn't display archival photos, lyrics, or 3-D versions of band members: anything that would make for a more engaging visual experience with fans to complement the music.

    Jobs replied that the operating system and the technology didn't quite exist yet for such an experience.

    "But it does now," Bono said.
    Apple has been focusing quite a bit on the music side of things after the decline in music downloads in the last few years. The company purchased Beats Music earlier in the year and launched iTunes Radio as well. Reports have also been going around saying that Apple plans on revamping Beats Music and launching it sometime early 2015. As for artists, a recent photo leak suggested that an iTunes exclusive early release of Beyonce’s upcoming album would be released in mid-November. Going back to U2, Bono told the audience that they “wanted to work with the creative people at Apple, and that Jony Ive is a guy he’d like to be in a band with.”

    It was also recently reported that Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre opened up a school at USC, looking to help combine those who create art to also distribute it. Maybe this is something that has to do with U2 as well, as portrayed in Apple’s recent activities with the rock band. U2 may be offering advice to Apple, with their recent relationship, it wouldn’t be surprising if they did.

    Source: VentureBeat

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    Lol, let them into the labs? Who do they think they are? They're just a rock band. Apple can handle it without their 'help'.

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    Just Wondering? Is there a music videos playlist instead off mp3?
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    Now I know who to blame for iTunes becoming progressively worse at managing large music libraries with every new release: Bono!

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    What a buncha' sellouts!

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