Jawbone recently announced two new fitness trackers with the basic $50 UP Move and an advanced $180 UP3 band. The recent announcements were likely timed to allow for maximum sales from the holiday season.

The UP3 which Jawbone dubbed as “the world’s most advanced fitness tracker” takes on the familiar wristband form factor of various previous generation UP designs but packs in a slew of new sensors to monitor heart rate, temperature and more. Along with the usual accelerometer-based pedometer duties that many users have become accustomed to, the UP3 features a bio-impedance sensor package which is capable of measuring resting heart rates. Unlike other smart devices that employ optical heart rate sensors, like the Apple Watch, the UP3 uses conductive pads that are in constant contact with the user’s skin.

The bio-impedance sensors can also measure respiration, hydration levels and galvanic skin response. One of the changes from the previous models includes the ability to track skin and ambient temperatures offering a new level of detail to biometric readings. Furthermore, Jawbone’s app-based Smart Coach returns and is supposedly able to offer better personalized fitness tips with the additional sensor data.

Last but not least, the UP3 also includes sleep tracking, idle vibration alert, a silent vibration alarm and LED indicators. Thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and NFC, Jawbone claims that the UP3 can last one week before needing to be recharged. The premium-level UP3 is set to be sold for $180 and is scheduled to start shipping in December.

The other product announcement was Jawbone’s UP Move which is an entry-level offering very similar to that of Misfit’s Shine activity monitor. The UP Move sports a circular pendant-style device, UP Move can be worn as a clip-on or fastened to a user’s wrist via a band accessory. Much like other UP products, the Move doesn’t feature a display and instead utilizes 12 white LEDs on its face. The lights are arranged around the face and allow for at-a-glance viewing of fitness goals and the current time. Orange and blue colored LEDs denote current mode and device status.

Coupled with the UP app, users can track steps, calories burned and sleep statistics. The UP Move utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 for syncing and the button cell battery has a whopping six month life span. Those of you interested in purchasing the UP Move can do so for $50 with the device shipping in mid-November.

Are any of you excited for either of the products recently announced? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Jawbone (UP3) (UP Move) via AppleInsider