Late Monday, readers began inquiring to MMi about chatter (that was seemingly limited to Twitter in recent days) about Apple Watch possibly being delayed until June of 2015 (hardly consistent with Apple's pledge to release the device "early" in the new year).

Although it isn't yet clear where this speculation came from, a few colleagues from around the tech news blogosphere are looking into the matter and preparing coverage of the latest rumor to sweep the Apple ecosystem. But here's the most important thing to remember for the time being -- there is no indication from sources close to Apple and those very knowledgeable in the supply chain that Apple will be forced to delay the smartwatch's release until next summer.

Based on what we know, Apple has had plans in place to produce Apple Watch with the intention of an early 2015 release for months now. And, for the most part, no major glitches or hold-ups are impeding planning and production of Apple Watch. Although we certainly can't guarantee this, it appears -- based on supply chain and manufacturing knowledge and sources in-the-know -- that the latest possible timeframe for Apple Watch's arrival is March of next year.

MMi will stay with the story to see if it grows legs. But we're betting it won't. So if you hear any rumblings about June 2015, keep in mind that there's no hard evidence behind those assertions as far as we -- or anyone else -- can tell.