New statistical numbers from Chitika reveal that OS X Yosemite is outpacing OS X Mavericks in user adoption in terms of the first week after the official public release, but the numbers also show OS X Yosemite is hardly outpacing OS X Mavericks.

OS X Yosemite has been installed on 12.8% of user machines in the first week since its launch, while OS X Mavericks was installed on 12.4% of user machines in the first week. The percentages are only .4% apart, as illustrated by Chitika's graph above. The numbers both are impressive in gains compared to OS X Mountain Lion, which only made it to 5.6% of user's machines in the first week. It also shows what a difference can be made when Apple makes OS X updates free to users.

OS X Yosemite offers users a truck-load of new features, as well as a redesigned aesthetic to make the desktop operating system look similar to the iOS 8 mobile operating system. The new features in the operating system are extensive, but some of the main ones include Continuity, SMS relay, QuickTime iOS device display recording, improved Mail and Safari applications, a redesigned SpotLight, and much more.

Chitika gets its numbers from advertisements online, in which the firm samples groups of Internet users to obtain statistics.

Sources: Chitika