Apple CEO Tim Cook may be just as fond of secrecy as everyone else has historically been at Apple, but the chief executive is making no secret of Apple's plans for growing its retail footprint in China.

Tim Cook said this week that investing in China for an expanded retail presence is a very high priority for Apple. And he attached some numbers to his statement on China's importance for the company's retail aspirations.

According to Cook's admission, China will likely become Apple's biggest market. To make that happen, however, the company will need to make it easier for Chinese consumers to get their hands on Apple products.

To that end, Apple is poised to open 25 additional Apple Stores in China by 2016. This will put the total number of Apple retail stores in the nation at 40. And it will only grow further from there. In fact, Apple revealed in its Q4 earnings results Monday that China is already responsible for close to 15% of Apple's revenues.

Source: Bloomberg