Reports reveal that Apple CEO Tim Cook traveled to Beijing to meet with the Vice Premier Ma Kai of China to discuss protecting user data as well as “strengthening cooperation and in information and communication fields.” This meeting was prompted by recent hacks which specifically targeted iCloud users in the country.

The attacks were originally revealed by Chinese Activist group, who accused the government of being involved in the attacks. Hackers seem to be harvesting iCloud user data by spoofing the website. The Cupertino California company published a step-by-step guide on how users can verify they are connected to the authentic iCloud website in Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Apple even went as far as having rerouted user data to help prevent further attacks.

What’s more interesting about the attacks is that they seem to have deep access to the government-owned Chinese internet provider servers. This has led many to believe that the government appears to be cooperating with the attacks but as one might guess, the Chinese government denied the accusations. The attacks started this past weekend and seem to be similar to hacks which previously targeted Google, Yahoo and Hotmail. The hackers’ efforts originally came to light when users in China started to receive security warnings from the iCloud service.

We’ll have to wait to see what comes of the discussion between Tim Cook and Ma Kai.

Source: Apple (Support), Xinhuanet, Reuters