Apple recently released updated versions of iMovie, iPhoto and GarageBand for Mac, bringing refreshed designs, new features and support for the newly released OS X Yosemite operating system.

Apple’s GarageBand was updated to reach version 10.0.3 with the recent update and it brings an improved user interface coupled with additional features like access to audio effect plug-ins and new Voice Templates for quick vocal recordings. A virtual Bass Amp Designer was also included. It allows user to create a bass rig by mixing and matching qualities from both vintage and modern amps, cabinets and mics. New vertical zoom controls automatically adjust the height of recorded tracks and there have been additional Accessibility features added in as well. Last but not least, the app taps into Yosemite’s iCloud support that allows users to share large projects with Mail Drop. Those of you interested in downloading GarageBand can download the 1.17 GB app from the Mac App Store.

Apple’s iMovie was also updated to version 10.0.6. The updated version of the app brings a refreshed look for OS X Yosemite and a host of new features. New file export options have been added and include “Custom H.264,” “ProRes,” and “Audio Only” while entire HD video clips can now also be sent over email via iCloud’s new Mail Drop feature. Users can also share video frames as images. The additional user interface tweaks in iMovie include an always open Adjustment Bar for audio and video tools alongside fixes for reliability issues with copying and pasting various adjustments. Those of you interested in downloading iMovie can download the 1.97 GB app from the Mac App Store.

Apple’s iPhoto was also updated in the iLife suite updates. In this case, iPhoto was updated to version 9.6 which helped bring OS X Yosemite compatibility alongside the usual stability improvements. Those of you interested in downloading iPhoto can download the 1.14 GB app from the Mac App Store.

Source: GarageBand (iTunes), iMovie (iTunes), iPhoto (iTunes) via AppleInsider