When Apple unveiled its long-awaited smartwatch earlier this month, we quickly learned that the wait for Apple's first wearable device wasn't exactly over yet.

After the grand reveal of Apple Watch, we were promptly informed that the device wouldn't be ready to reach consumers until early in the new year. No hard date was given.

But if a new report surfacing within the Asian tech blogosphere is accurate, we may get our hands -- or wrists -- on Apple Watch sometime late in the first quarter. Sources in the manufacturing and supply chains admit that Apple Watch production will begin in January.

Taiwan's Apple Daily reports that Quanta will be the biggest player in the manufacturing process, hiring thousands of workers in the coming months to gear up for January's manufacturing push.

Unfortunately, there are risks that come with having the watch assembled by a single supplier. Should anything go wrong, the launch delay for Apple Watch could be significant.

Source: CNET